Wednesday, November 7, 2012

stay Puft LoRes Model

Modeled for a Poly Limit Challenge in early November 2012.

Maya 2013, Photoshop CS6

Monday, November 5, 2012

hi Five Ghost Wasssup Fk Animation

hi Five Ghost WASSSSUUPPP from Jonathan Lowry on Vimeo.

a current television star saying an iconic line

hi Five Ghost Model

A character from one of my favorite television shows, The Regular Show on Cartoon Network.  Very funny show Maya 2013, Photoshop CS6

kiki torso and bust

Modeled for CGT 34100 during the Fall 2012 semester @ IUPUI.
Class was taught by Clinton Koch.
Maya 2013, Photoshop CS6

jedi & sith HFG loRes models

Paper craft project for 3DGDG @ IUPUI
Maya 2013, Photoshop CS6

deAtomizer weapon loRes 2kLimit

A quest for the 3D Game Developers Group @ IUPUI where the modeler had to construct a weapon using no more than 2,000 faces.

Maya 2013, Photoshop CS6, mental ray

game mushroom loRes model

Created for the 3D Game Developer's Group @ IUPUI

Maya 2013, Mudbox 2013, Photoshop CS6