Thursday, April 25, 2013

bathroom Scene RENDERS

Bathroom Render Shot 1
Maya 2013, mental ray, color corrected, Final Gathering, Global Illumination

Bathroom Render Shot 2
Maya 2013, mental ray, color corrected, Final Gathering, Global Illumination

Wireframe of Bathroom Render Shot 1

Wireframe of Bathroom Render Shot 2

A Maya UI shot of the all the elements inside of the Bathroom Scene

The Capital Building Portrait was painted by my sister, Janelle Lowry, while living in Cincinnati.
The Flower portrait was painted by one of my sister's close friend, Alyssa Deutsch.
I drew the orthographic views of the bear and was mean to be my first 3D character but work was started but never finished on the project 

Various wireframe shots of different assets in the bathroom scene

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

versace versense bottle

Maya 2012, Photoshop CS5, mental ray, dielectric shader

A Maya scene view of the bottle with the cap inside the lightbox.

A glass test with a checkerboard design on the lightbox mesh to PROVE that the glass on the outside and inside curved.  Additionally, since the design has two different pieces of glass with different refractive qualities, I tested both separately before adding them together.  This pic only shows them added together

 Label designed in Photoshop to resemble to original bottle label.  I know that my label is different from the real label because I did not curve the bottom part of the lid on the can at the bottom, the design that reads "36 M".

A base model of the bottle with all of the shapes in places and simple shaders attached.

A picture of the bottle. The bottle was actually my sisters and I saw it laying around her apartment one day and was like, "Hey, that would be cool to model and render."

faucet sink Cabinet

Maya 2012, Photoshop CS6, mental ray

A view from inside Maya of the lightbox setup that I constructed for the Vanity and the Faucet.  

Above are pictures that I took of a Vanity and Faucet that I found at my neighborhood Lowe's Home Improvement Store that I decided to model.  Became good practice for finding objects in the real world and realizing what type of orthographic views I would need in order to accurately model.